Dear Future Participants! Sadly we had technical issues with the registration form. Even if you got the confirmation email, we did not get your registration. We solved the issue now, but we do not know who registered already. PLEASE SEND YOUR REGISTRATION AGAIN! We will send you a manual confirmation mail, too, if we get it, so you can be sure that we received your registration. We are sorry for the inconvenience! 🙁


Dear Future Participants!

Don’t forget about our beloved student conference! We are still on board and plan to organise the conference as soon as it’s possible. We hope that we can post good news soon. Let’s hope to see each other this year!

Stay tuned and stay safe!
ESCBC Budapest committee

Dear folks!

Thank you for your responses and ideas! Less than 20 people indicated that he/she would be interested in an online conference, thus we decided to postpone this year’s conference to 2021 🙁 We hope the situation will change until next year, and we will meet! 🤞

COVID-19 update!

Dear folks!

Sad news. It seems to be impossible to organize an offline conference this year. But we were thinking, and the idea came up to organize it online (and if we are able, postpone the offline one to next year). Would you be interested? Please fill out our short questionnaire until 31st May:!

Thanks for your ideas, take care!

ESCBC2020 comittee

Registration is now open!

Dear ESCBC people!

Following our original plan we open the registration period today, you can submit your abstracts at this page: 

We are following the news constantly and taking this situation seriously, even considering postponing the conference to 2021. On the other hand, in case the pandemic will allow us to organise the event this year, we have to know how many of you would participate 🙂 

So since the whole registration is free, please don’t hesitate to register and let’s hope to see each other then!

We will inform you about any further development, stay safe!

ESCBC2020 comittee

Delay in registration and pandemic issues

Dear future ESCBC participants!

Following our original plan we wanted to open our registration period this monday. In light of the situation we are delaying it a bit, but still believe that things will get better until September!

We will inform you about the start of the registration and the deadline as well in the upcoming days!

For your information, regarding the current pandemic, Hungary (including Budapest) is in lockdown at the moment, all events with more than 100 participants are banned, foreigner citizens are not allowed to enter Hungary and Hungarian citizens are advised to stay at home.

We are aware of the situation and we are taking our responsibilities seriously, canceling the conference if the pandemic still causes a threat. On the other hand we sincerely hope that the situation will change until September, and we will have the chance to hold the conference!

Either way we will inform you about any further details!

Stay safe!
ESCBC2020 comittee


Dear future participants!
Here are the important milestones for the conference, save the dates! 🎓
Looking forward for your applications, see you in Budapest! 😊