Our logo

Some of you may be asking: “Why this year conference logo depicts Sideshow Bob if it was a hen?”, and that’s a very good question.

The glorious Paduan Chicken

The “Paduan chicken”, as the name implies, is a breed typical of Padua. It has been imported from Poland by some scholar around the year 1500, and since then has become a symbol of our city. It is a bit like our mascot!

This animal is also of great importance for the university: At the inaugural ceremony for the academic year is symbolically gifted by the students to the university rector

The university Rector Rosario Rizzuto with the most beautiful creature EVER

The logo has been designed by the sicilian artist Anna Riggi. To see the fun and beautiful works from Anna, you can follow her on facebook

Anna Riggi, one of the biggest fan of the Paduan chicken