Roundtable discussions

As is the tradition for the ESCBC conference, we plan to have two roundtable discussions. These have always been a fantastic occasion to share opinion and knowledge about different topics in science, that we all, one way or another, get to face. For this edition of the conference we decided to insert a chair for each of the roundtables: a professor competent on the discussed thematic, that will stimulate the discussion between the participant.

Roundtable discusson 1: Ethics in Animal Research

The discussion will be guided by Professor Lucia Regolin

Lucia Regolin is full Professor in the Dept. of General Psychology at the University of Padua and Visiting Chair Professor at the of Wesleyan College at Guangzhou University (Guangzhou, China). Having worked for years in animal research, she became interested and competent in ethics and legislation about this field. 

She’s Head of the Comparative Cognition Lab, where she studies the behaviour and cognition of avian species (with particular attention to the domestic chicks) and of invertebrates.

For several years, she has worked as representative of the Psychology Animal Facility at the University Ethical Committee for Animal Experimentation. 

Roundtable discusson 2: Ethics in Research Practices

The discussion will be guided by professor Gianmarco Altoè

Gianmarco Altoè is Associate Professor in the Dept. of Developmental and Social Psychology at the University of Padua.

He’s one of the Professor in charge of the Psicostat lab and his research interests are focused on statistical methods for psychological and medical sciences, with particular attention to statistical reasoning, mixed-effects models, structural equation models, sensitivity analysis and Bayesian inference.