Technical information for video recordings

Please send your pre-recorded presentation to The video should be in mp4 file format and should respect the time limits imposed on each format (Pecha Kucha: 6 minutes and 40 seconds, Elevator speech: 2 minutes)

We suggest pre-recording your presentation with a switched-on camera, but it is not compulsory. Although it would be nice if the audience will know who is talking, so please, add a photo about yourself on the first slide, if you prefer pre-recording the presentation with a switched-off camera.

(Talks will be presented live with a switched-on camera.)

You can find the presentation’s content information here:

Don’t you know how to record your presentation?

We suggest recording it in Zoom™. In order to record your presentation, firstly you will have to download and install the Zoom client software. Then you will need to create an account at Once you log in to your account, please follow the steps below:

1. On the upper right corner click on “Host a Meeting”. You will be asked to open the Zoom software. Click open and follow the presented instructions.
2. Be sure that you have all the necessary presentation files ready, e.g., PowerPoint file.
3. Be certain that your audio and video are both working.
4. When “Screen sharing” please be aware that your video will move to the upper right-hand corner and may potentially cover text or images. Please adjust your presentation taking this into account.
5. Once the Zoom client is opened, start recording by clicking on the record button at the lower toolbar.
6. Then start “Screen sharing” and begin your presentation.
7. You can also start with the “Screen sharing” and then, on the floating toolbar, click on the three dots at the end of this bar and press the recording button.
8. Once you have finished the presentation, you can either select “Stop Record” and then end the meeting, or just simply end the meeting – this will stop the recording automatically. As you close Zoom, the video will be automatically converted into mp4 file format and will be placed in a folder.