Who we are

Who we are

Amelle Nasri

I am a PhD student at the Paris Brain Institute, in the Lubetzki-Stankoff’s team where I
am working on brain barriers in multiple sclerosis. Outside of the lab, I am writing for a
popular science journal and trying to enjoy life while going on hikes! 

Ana Marta Capaz

I am doing my PhD at the Renier Lab – Paris Brain Institute. My heart is at the neural circuits
of behavior, and I study the role of neuromodulation in the development and plasticity of
nesting behavior, focusing on the high inter-individual variations of this behavior. Outside
the lab, I’m either working for side projects in Science Communication or looking for the
next music concert I can go to!

Daniela Domingues

I am a PhD student at the lab of Eric Burguière at the Paris Brain Institute researching psychedelics at the
pre-clinical level. Yes, I decided to dedicate my life to giving LSD to mice and studying their behaviour
and analysing their brains. Outside of the lab, I co-founded a startup (robustcircuit.eu), brought Pint of
Science to Portugal and I have lots of fun organizing events for my friends, both scientific and parties.

Evodie Lassalle

I am an enthusiastic CIFRE PhD in the Paris Brain Institute Corti-Corvol lab, within Philippe Ravassard’s
team. I enjoy working on complex cellular models like organoids and assembloids in the scope of
therapeutic solutions for Alzheimer’s Disease. In my free time, spending time with family, friends and
church, playing music and organizing events are my favorite things to do ????

Ivan Mindlin

I’m a PhD student working with Jacobo Sitt on incorporating computational models in Disorder of
Consciousness diagnosis, prognosis and treatment development. I enjoy engaging with the social and
political side of science, as well as disengaging with a beer in the afternoon 😀

Lucie Vigreux

 I am a PhD student at FrontLab – Institut du Cerveau de Paris, where I am trying to understand the
spontaneous and controlled neurocognitive mechanisms of semantic memory retrieval underlying
creativity. Outside the lab, I enjoy taking part in science outreach activities, triathlons, photography and
needlework (as a good creativity researcher!).

Nemo Fournier

I’m a PhD student in the AramisLab at the Paris Brain Institute, where I develop cool biostatistical
methods to better understand the link between genetic factors and the clinical course of
neurodegenerative diseases. I’m also involved in multiple groups fostering a more people-focused
science — whether by organizing scientific events or just connecting great minds. I like to collect stories,
pieces of curiosity, and recollections of sights. My favourite emoji is probably ✨