Who we are

Ana Rita Mendes

 I’m a PhD student in the Lima Lab at the Champalimaud Research, in Lisbon, studying sexual behavior. My project focuses on understanding the spinal microcircuits controlling ejaculation in mice and how they integrate external and internal cues to drive behavior. When I’m not in the lab you can probably find me reading a book, playing basketball with friends or doing some embroidery!

Joana Carmona

I am a PhD Student in the Theoretical Neuroscience Lab at the Champalimaud Research and I am  interested in communication between cortical areas. In my project, I use recurrent neural networks as a tool to study flexible and selective multi-area interactions. Outside the lab, I enjoy doing pilates and going to music festivals.

Guillermo Martín-Sánchez

I’m a PhD student at the Champalimaud Foundation and I work on theoretical neuroscience: doing mathematical models and simulations of spiking neural networks. Before, I did my master thesis at the Machens Lab on a project that focuses on hippocampus place cells and their remapping. Outside of science, I enjoy dancing salsa, spending time with friends and learning about science.

Ildefonso Pica

I’m a PhD student at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, interested in the relation between the structure of neural networks, their dynamic behavior and their ability to perform tasks. In my spare time I try to perform tasks like watching movies, playing board games and hiking, with relative success.

Inês Dias

My name is Inês Dias and I’m a PhD student at the Lima Lab of the Champalimaud Research in Lisbon. As a neuroscientist in training at the neuroethology lab, my days are spent digging deep into the neural modulations of the circuits responsible for female mouse sexual behavior. When I’m not busy tinkering with brains, I like to do different sports, enjoy the nature and maybe even combine the two!

Merit Kruse

 I’m a PhD in the lab of Megan Carey where I study the mechanisms underlying the generalization  of eyeblink conditioning. When I’m not training mice to wink at me on command you can probably find me somewhere on the ocean windsurfing or petting random cats on the street.

Francesco Costantino

I am a Research Technician in the Carey lab at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, where I investigate the mechanisms of (loco)motor learning in the rodent brain. In a previous life, I delved into modeling the oil market through game theory. Outside of the lab, a grasp of surf forecast is all you need to track me down.

Marta Forcella

I’m a PhD student at the Champalimaud Foundation, interested in the link between perception and motor action selection. Outside the lab I have two main talents: eating and singing in the shower.