Presentation types


Talks are 12 minutes long, plus 3 minutes questions and discussion. There are limited possibilities for talks, therefore some abstracts submitted as a talk may be converted to Pecha Kucha or posters. (If you are unwilling to make a Pecha Kucha, you can indicate it in the registration form).

Tip: A general rule of thumb: plan on one minute per slide. For a 12-minute long talk 12 slides would be ideal. Good slides require the right amount of data. Do not try to put too many points in a single slide, and never put in a large data table with unreadable fonts. It is also important to remember font size! Do not use any text that is smaller than 24 point. Think visually and use minimal text! 😉 And enjoy your presentation! It is all fun! 🙂 If you are not excited about giving your talk, then no one will be excited to listen to that talk. Personal and humorous anecdotes can help you connect with your audience.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a fun and challenging presenting style involving strict timing with 20 slides, each lasting 20 seconds. Pecha Kucha talks are 6 minutes and 40 seconds long, plus one, 20 secs long question. Use this sample for your presentation!

Tip: While you put together your slides, think visually (include as many pictures / figures as possible) and use minimal text. Practise your presentation to get the timings right! 🙂
For some examples see:


Posters should not exceed the size of 85 cm (width) x 120 cm (height) (standard standing A0 format). Posters will be displayed for one day, either on 3rd or 4th September.

Tip: Your poster should be self-explanatory even in your absence ;). You can bring along mini versions (size A4) of you posters, if someone would like to take it home or use QR code on your poster for further information.

Poster teaser

Poster presenters have the opportunity to have a short poster teaser talk to promote their posters. Poster teaser talks are limited to 3 slides and 2 min. The teasers will be scheduled in the program.

Tip: We recommend you to increase your poster’s audience with a poster teaser! 🙂
Here is an example! 🙂